Camp Mighty: Day Three

Day Three of Camp Mighty 2018 is a wrap! We had a great time, finished strong, and are looking forward to a day of debrief and exploring Friday before heading home on Saturday. Brian is serving on our team this week along with his whole family – his wife and two teenage daughters. Here’s what he has to say about today:

“Pool Party!” Yep, today was the final day of Camp Mighty, and we closed it out with a pool party. We had several blow-up pools filled with all kinds of things to give the campers one over-the-top experience. Pools were filled with water (of course), shaving cream, water toys, ping pong balls, and more. It was a joy to see them come alive as they played in the pools. Some didn’t want the fun to end!

It’s amazing how quickly my friendships with both campers and their parents came about. These families truly love and care for their children in circumstances that I can’t even begin to imagine. So experiencing it first-hand was somewhat mind-blowing, and gave me a renewed sense of what it means to be an expression of God’s love and care for His children. I witnessed that love and care firsthand when working along side the Camp Mighty staff & our Shelter Cove team. However, I was surprised when I became encouraged and inspired by the very families we came to serve! One family member even took the time to pray for ME. As a result of this trip I’ve learned to see God’s hand in many different ways.

The Lord is doing some pretty cool things here in Belize and we were honored to be a part of it. Please continue to pray for safety and some rest over the next couple of days as we journey home. God bless!