This was an evening for team building.  Something we do each day is sign the students off base with leaders and we walk them up the street to get Tacos.  Oh my goodness friends, those are good tacos.  It’s been fun to watch our students navigate ordering food for the first time in a different country. My kids are 8, 6, and 4 and my oldest two are just learning to order on their own in English, there are a lot of similarities in how both my kids and our students order food . After Tacos, Tuesday night was a designed night off for the YWAM staff, so we gathered together just as Shelter Cove (there are two other teams on base with us).  We played a game in their worship hall and then after the game we sat in a very large circle and took turns encouraging one another.  We started doing this last year, I call it the circle of encouragement.  I start by saying something encouraging to one of the students, they then say something encouraging about someone else.  At the end, everyone has been encouraged and we all leave smiling.  It’s a special time.

I spent my time at Tatiana’s Girls Home on Tuesday.  As soon as we walked into the courtyard our girls started playing volleyball with the girls in the home.  I walked around and said hello to the girls in the home and they were all so kind.  There was so much life in that place.  Our students have played a significant role in the energy there.  They were around without me the day before and they all knew their role and where to go and what to do.  It was like watching honey bees, they didn’t talk much (surprising) but they all got to work, and they worked really well together.  Great things are happening at Tatiana’s place.  The week before we arrived there was a couple students who gave their lives to Jesus, so they built a makeshift trough and baptized them on the spot.  I got chills when I heard the story.

Today (Wednesday) marks day three.  We have been riding in the honeymoon stage thus far, but here is when bickering and arguments start.  Please be praying for us as we finish up our work projects today.  Tomorrow will be a great day of evangelism and outreach.  Thank you for your support, we couldn’t be doing this without you all.
In His Grip,
Pastor David