Spain Recap

Our Spain missions team is back! They had a fantastic time serving the Lord through the various festivals and events that were hosted by World Link Ministries. Pastor Scott writes, “Thanks, Lord Jesus, for Your great favor, demonstrating Your supremacy over the weather, and for the 172 souls that trusted You for salvation!” Additonally, a total of 806 heard the preaching of the gospel with one-on-one evangelism. We are so grateful for the impact that God made in Spain through our team, and for your generous support that helped to make it possible.

Belize Recap

Thank you for praying for the Belize missions team! They spent the week at Camp Machaca, just outside of Punta Gorda, Belize. They helped to facilitate “Camp Mighty” a multi-day overnight camp for children and young adults with special needs from the surrounding area. Erin Thiessen, the Director of our Sidekicks ministry, writes, “Whether it was ‘Superhero Day’, ‘Luau Day’ or ‘Safari Day’ each participant was loved on and reminded of how valuable they are in the eyes of Jesus.” We are all so grateful for the way this team represented our Sidekicks ministry, Shelter Cove, and Jesus.