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What About the Gray Areas of Life?

What About the Gray Areas of Life? | The Weekly

This week, Pastor Scott digs into the Word and helps us to understand what God has to say about the things that He doesn’t talk about. The music we listen to, the movies we watch, how does it play into our walk with Christ?

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How Can I Stop Looking at Porn?

How Can I Stop Looking at Porn?

Porn is a cancer that can rob our soul of the promises of God. Pastor Chad shares 4 practical steps to help us fight this battle for our integrity.

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Mike | Life Change

Mike came to Shelter Cove unsure of what to expect. Upon being invited his life was not in line with what God wanted for him. The warm welcome of the people is what made Shelter Cove his new home. He found a loving community in our Deaf Ministry. Although he is hearing, he has found a family with them.

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What does Obedience Mean?

What does Obedience Mean? | The Weekly

Obedience is not the roadblock to joy, it is the avenue we find joy on. Check out what Pastor Chad has to share on obedience to God from Psalm 16:11.

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My Two Favorite Passages from Exodus

My 2 Favorite Passages from Exodus | The Weekly

This week Pastor Jeremy shares his two favorite passages from the book of Exodus.

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Jolene | Life Change

The story of Jolene is one of trust. She began a new business and dealt with the struggles of entrepreneurship. But all along the way she trusted God with her future and finances.

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God is a Jealous God?

God is a Jealous God?

Pastor Scott shares thoughts on Exodus 20 and how we can understand God to a deeper level.

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Life Can Bend and Break Us (pt. 2)

Life Can Bend and Break Us (pt. 2)

A few weeks ago, in part one, David shared about how life can throw us curveballs, but God is always on our side. A recent development in David’s life has made this lesson take on a new reality. We pray that this strengthens your own faith in the storms of life.

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How to Combat Regret

How to Combat Regret

Romans 8:1 teaches us how to combat our feelings of regret. The Bible is filled with reminders of the promises of God along with hope of a great future that is before us. Let go of your past and step into the future that God has for you.

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How Should We Respond to the Racial Tension in America?

How Should We Respond to the Racial Tension in America?

This week Pastor Chad helps us to understand, as Christians, how to respond to the racial tension of our country. The world is flooded with hate and confusion. What does the Bible teach on these rough topics? Check out this video for the encouragement.