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Mike | Life Change

Mike came to Shelter Cove unsure of what to expect. Upon being invited his life was not in line with what God wanted for him. The warm welcome of the people is what made Shelter Cove his new home. He found a loving community in our Deaf Ministry. Although he is hearing, he has found a family with them.

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Jolene | Life Change

The story of Jolene is one of trust. She began a new business and dealt with the struggles of entrepreneurship. But all along the way she trusted God with her future and finances.



Orlando | Life Change

Orlando teaches us the heart of giving. In this story he depicts the journey that he took to give his drum set to the church. He sought the Lord and trusted the church with his own possessions.



Chris | Life Change

Chris has been faithful to serve Jesus for a number of years. The boys and men in the prison system are not without the need for hope. Every week, Chris takes messages and notes from Shelter Cove sermons and visits and teaches those who are incarcerated.

Maybe you’re not called to prison ministry, but God does have a place for you to be His hands and feet.


Tyler and Sarah

This is Tyler and Sarah. They have been attending Shelter Cove for 6 years now and their story is unique, but relatable for all of us. When life throws difficult times, we can find support in the body of Christ. While in a Life Group, Tyler and Sarah have had the opportunity to open up about their pain, hurt, and frustrations. Now they have a stronger marriage and walk in Christ because of the community that they have plugged into.

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This is Will and this is his story. Drugs, alcohol, and selfish ambitions used to rule his life. But now Will is a full-time employee of Shelter Cove and his family has been radically impacted by the work of God in his own life. We are honored to have Will as a part of our family and pray that his story encourages you.