From Karen Thompson.

July 16th. Please pray for Gwen, my mother, who is a shut in. Her full time caregiver (Carolyn) has told her that she has Scoliosis of the spine, and that lifting her in and out of bed is causing her continual back pain. Pray that Gwen will make a decision about what is best for her caregiver, and that she will allow her to take a vacation, if it is needed, in order for the back pain to heal. Also pray that she will find another caregiver to take this lady's place in the meantime. My sister lives with mom, but she has just started a new job and it may require her to quit this job, in order to take care of mom and to find a new caregiver, if it is necessary. Thank you for praying for Gwen and her caregiver (Carolyn) to come to a decision this week. Thank you, Karen