Cuddle Cove

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(infants – pre-K)

First Time to the Nursery?

  • The nursery will open fifteen minutes prior to service times.
  • When you check in your child, you will receive a numbered security tag.
  • You must have this security tag to pick up your child. Children will not be released to anyone under 18 years of age.
  • If your child should need you during the worship service (i.e., bathroom assistance, etc.), we will display your child’s security number on the screen in the auditorium.
  • Only children and their caregivers are permitted in Cuddle Cove. Please check with the Nursery Group Leader before looking in on your child.

What Parents Should Know

  • Parents should pick up their child immediately following the service.
  • Parents are asked to label all of their child’s belongings: diaper bags, bottles, pacifiers, etc.
  • If your child is potty-training, please have him/her wear a diaper or pull-up in order to avoid accidents, and inform the Group Leader that he/she is potty-training.
  • 3 years and older must be potty trained (No diaper changes).
  • If you are available to serve in Cuddle Cove, please leave your name and phone number with any Group Leader and we will contact you.
  • In order to ensure a healthy environment for all of our children, parents should refrain from bringing their child if he/she has had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Fever, Rash, Open sores, Runny nose (anything but clear), Eye infection, or Persistent Cough.

All Cuddle Cove Volunteers have been screened and given a background check to ensure that your child will receive the best of care!

Treasure Cove

Interested in Volunteering?

K – 5th grade

Welcome to Treasure Cove, our fun and exciting weekend ministry for kids in first through fifth/sixth grade.  We spend time getting to know each other, learning about Missions, singing together, and most importantly learning about Jesus, His love for us and how He provides the ONLY way to be with Him in Heaven.

During our time together we bounce around with things such as Spotlight on Missions, Celebrating Birthdays, (Do you eat your ice cream raw or do you cook it?), Fun Group Activities, Large Group Bible lessons, Small group spotlight, worship, (singing real loud), just to name a few.  Candy, did you ask about candy?  Yes, your child has the chance to earn some small pieces of candy during our time in Treasure Cove.  Hiding God’s Word in their heart is a sure way to get there.  Most importantly we want each child to know that God’s Word is 100% right, 100% of the time and Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven.  If we have lots of fun along the way, WHAT A BONUS!  Our God is an Awesome God!  Hope to see your child at one of our weekend services.

Things to know

  • Check in begins 15 minutes prior to each service
  • Checking in your child is as simple as clicking and giving the tag to our volunteer check-in leader
  • If your number comes up on the big screen during the service, we need you to come see us in Treasure Cove
  • Checking your child out is as easy as showing you number to our volunteer check out leader and matching it with the number on your child’s name tag.  (It is important that they keep their name tag on during the whole service)
  • Parents are welcome any time to watch and be a part of our large group time.
Contact Jessica Paradiso

To be a volunteer in our Children’s Ministry, you need to be fingerprinted specifically for Treasure Cove and cleared to serve.

Sidekicks Ministry Design (for kids with special needs)

One-on-One Ministry

Our goal is to include each child in an age appropriate class as much as possible with a specifically assigned “Sidekick.” When necessary the child will be pulled out for instruction and Bible lesson in the Quiet Room.

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room will provide a peaceful and focused environment giving each child an opportunity to learn about Jesus at their own learning level. This is done by trained teachers and helpers.

* We currently offer Sidekicks and the Quiet Room to kids pre – K through Junior High during the Saturday 6pm service and the Sunday 11:30am service.

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