As a church, Shelter Cove aims to Reach and Raise Authentic Followers of Jesus. To Raise an Authentic Follower of Jesus means to walk the path of discipleship.

Shelter Cove’s main vehicle of discipleship is the small group community. Life Groups are our title for this gathering of people. Whether you live in Modesto, or in the surrounding areas, there is a Life Group that is perfect for you.

Our Life Groups are sermon-based groups that discuss and dissect weekend messages along with praying for one another’s needs.

Fall Term: September 22 – December 2

Are you interested in leading or hosting a Life Group?

Leading a Life Group is simple. We provide a list of discussion questions to go through as a group along with a Leader Guide to give you further insight into the questions. The questions are built around the weekend sermon, turning the weekend monologue into an in-home dialogue. Being a Life Group Leader is simply facilitating conversation and encouraging the group to keep one another in prayer.


Hosting a Life Group is a joy. Opening your home and allowing an authentic community to occur is a blessing to the church and the individuals in your home. Some groups hosts insist on providing food, while others prefer to share their counter space for a potluck style snack. Being a Life Group host is simply opening your home to allow an authentic community to take place. 


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