From anonymous.

Please pray for Virginia. This last week I received 2 phone calls, both telling me how bad she looked, and that she looks like she is going to die. I have not been able to reach her in over a week. She lives 5 hours from me. Her sister took her food a week ago and called me crying “mama…she is going to die”. We have tried everything but have not been able to get through to her. She has always known Jesus, raised in a christian home and went to christian schools. She calls and asks me to pray for her now and then. She told me recently that she is a loser and deserves to die. She has no self esteem and is hopeless. Her boyfriend is a small time heroin dealer and keeps her there by dangling drugs as a temptation. He beats her up on a regular basis. She is 22. Our whole family is affected by her addiction. Every day I pray…every day Satan whispers horrible things to me…I use Gods Word to battle…some days it is sooo hard.