From anonymous.

I was living with my boyfriend and the relationship got progressively worse. My friends and family helped me move out from that situation in the middle of the night. I was given a place to live, christian support and all that I needed to start over with a much better life. I made the mistake of talking to him again and he told me everything I wanted and needed to hear. He told me that this time he was 100% committed to me and would change his ways if I came back. My family and friends begged me not to go back, but I did. I was good for about 2 weeks, then the same bad habits resurfaced. I thought that because he said he was committed this time….it would be different. I was wrong. Now I have disappointed and disrespected my family and friends and no one is talking to me. There is something wrong with me I know it. I have let everybody down including myself. I need prayer.