We recognize that people have varying degrees of comfort in the current social environment, and believe that this plan will allow each family and individual to worship in a context that they are most comfortable with. This allows us to offer four different ways to worship on a weekend. The details for each venue are as follows:

  • 6pm – outside on the lawn
  • 6pm – online
  • 9am – outside on the lawn with live worship
  • 9am – inside in the Worship Center, facemasks recommended venue
  • 9am – inside in the Event Center (upstairs) with pre-recorded worship, facemasks required venue
  • 10am – online
  • 11am – inside in the Worship Center, facemasks recommended venue
Additional Notes
Our desire is to honor the Lord in everything we do. Therefore, we intend to be responsible and respectful as we make this transition inside. With that in mind, here are some important guidelines that we expect all joining us inside to adhere to:
  • If you or a member of your family is not feeling well, please join us online.
  • Facemasks will be required to enter the building.
    • If you forget one, don’t worry – we will have them available at the doors.
    • According to CDC guidelines, children 2 and under should not wear a facemask.
  • All venues will continue to be socially distanced. Chairs will be set up in pods to allow households to sit together.
  • In order to ensure that facemasks remain in place at all times, food or drink will not be permitted in the facemasks required venue (upstairs in the Event Center).
  • Seating is available on a first-come first-served basis. Doors to the inside venues will open 30 minutes before the service starts OR once sanitizing protocols are completed.


We are so excited for what God has for our kids in this next season. Cuddle Cove (ages 0-5) and Treasure Cove (Grades K-5th) will take place indoors. California state guidelines do not require facemasks for children in daycare facilities. Therefore, we will not require facemasks for ages 3 through 5th grade once they are checked in.

Kid Zone will remain closed until further notice.