Yesterday (for us) was officially the first day of teaching our students. Here is Brooke’s account, from her own words.

“Today we started what we have prayed over for the past 6 or so months. We have prayed for the Holy Spirit to equip us; we’ve prayed for the hearts of the children to soften so that they may know the true God and follow Him; we have prayed countless prayers and we are walking in God’s answers. Today we started teaching! We are English teachers! I have a group of 11 kids, ranging from 10-12, and we started in Lesson 1. Starting in Lesson 1 means they beginners, knowing very little English. The more advanced students begin further along in the book.

In the first lesson, the kids learn the first of the 10 commandments. All of their vocabulary words coincide with the commandment. The curriculum Vasile’s team has written is so well thought out.

The second lesson was about Joseph and Mary. Their vocabulary consisted of words like carpenter, housewife, and teacher. I asked if they knew who Jesus was and they replied, “God’s Son!” Then one of the students asked, “How can Jesus be Joseph’s and God’s Son?” This girl is 11! What a profound question! I looked at my Moldovan co-teacher, and she just said “Yes explain.” I said:

“Jesus is God, but He became flesh. Jesus had to be God because only God is perfect. Jesus had to live a perfect life in order to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Since Jesus is God, He was the perfect sacrifice. Jesus had to become flesh also. (The Moldovan teacher is translating all of this for me and iI let her explain immaculate conception in her own words ?) Have you ever felt sad? Jesus had to become flesh so he could also feel sad. So when we come to Jesus for comfort, He knows how we are feeling and He becomes our Comforter. With Jesus being fully God and fully man, His blood was able to cover our sins, and His presence is able to comfort us whenever life gets rough.”

The girl who asked the question seemed satisfied with the answer. The rate of learning here is astounding. They have learned 30 vocabulary words, learned and practiced all of the personal pronouns, and worked on the difficult “th” sound in three 45 minute blocks. Then they had a 2 hour lunch. We met back 30 minutes early to finish our 3rd lesson. Now they are doing an inductive Bible study in the kids version on Genesis 1 & 2. Because their English is limited, they do this Bible study in Romanian. I wish I could follow along!

The caliber of truth and love these people walk in boggles my mind. Love just pours out of them. The unity of spirit here is tangible. I feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface of our Moldovan adventure, and God is already doing mighty works in our hearts. We can’t help but cry when we meet other bond servants of the Lord and hear their stories. We are constantly walking away from people and their amazing stories asking God to open our eyes to more ways of serving Him.

In the evening, after dinner, Vasile preaches. Each of the groups were able to present a skit showing their English and a biblical truth they learned that day. They are catching on so quickly! After Visile preached, we had a meeting with the teaching team. There are 23 Americans and about 20 incredible Moldovan teachers that make up the team. Visile headed the meeting and asked each group to give an update. One by one teachers gave their concerns and praises of the day. The attention to detail, time, and genuine love Visile exudes makes us teachers feel heard, appreciated, and proud of our efforts. Visile finished the meeting with this: I think this group has a lot of potential for the kingdom. We walked away feeling privileged to do this work for the Lord.”

Look how this girl we brought is thriving! Natalie is too!

Love you all! Keep praying for us please!