Monday was an amazing night.  The message from Brandon was “I am His” and he shared the story of how his wife and he adopted their son from the Congo.  It was an amazing story of a dad who would stop at nothing to get to his child.  It was a beautiful parable of how our God desires to have a relationship with us.  At the end, he gave an opportunity for our kids to respond to the gospel.  He invited every child who has received Christ and every child who wanted to receive Christ to stand up and come to the front.  Every single student was on their feet.  It was a beautiful sight.  Then we went into a time of worship.  There were stations set up around the room with various interactive prayer activities so the kids could engage with God in different ways.  As the kids went around the room the band played worship songs and the students prayed and worshiped together.  One of the things that brings me the most joy is when I see our students coming together and praying for one another.  Words cannot express how great it is to see how the Spirit is working in the lives of our students.  And on Monday night, He moved mightily.

I spent the beginning part of the day with the group of boys who went to Pastor Luis’ house.  Pastor Luis runs a church from his own home.  He converted his driveway into a sanctuary where his congregants can gather.  The problem with that is that the only bathroom for the church people is his own bathroom in his home.  So, part of that team is building a bathroom for the church.  The other part of the team spent the day at the Rehab home for men abandoned by their families.  We cleared out the back of the building where Pastor Luis had an outdoor kitchen, making way for us to build an awning and new pantry for the home.  We also began painting the entire outside of the home.

Each day I will be visiting a new place so you will get a little snapshot of what each team is doing.  Please continue to pray for us.  God has already broken through walls in our students lives and there is more life change to come.  We are so blessed to be here and to have you all as our support back home.  Thank you for being there for us church family.