¡Hola y bendiciones a todos! or “hello and blessings to all!” (for those of you who forgot their high school Spanish). We started our day with devotions and a short message reminding us how the busyness of our lives and the guilt of our mistakes can weigh us down and keep us from an intimate relationship with God. We took time to share in groups what things are hindering our personal walks and spend time in prayer for one another.

Our first full day of ministry throughout the city of Ensenada was a success!

Two teams went to work on house builds for two special families: the Luna Rojas family and the Ramirez Martinez family. As the day progressed, it was amazing to see how the simple act of serving our neighbors can break language and cultural barriers. Before long, many children from around the neighborhood joined in to help us build the homes! We are so excited to bless these families with REAL homes tomorrow. Each family is special and no two home builds turn out exactly the same, but they all share one thing in common — each is an opportunity to share the Gospel. Pray with us that these two home builds can be powerful demonstrations of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

One of our teams also had the opportunity to visit the Tijuana city dump where approximately 250 people have carved out a living, picking through trash and live in threat of starvation. Our team spent the afternoon handing out oranges and bananas, hand sanitizer and Bibles. Later on, they put on a small Vacation Bible School with some of the precious children they encountered while doing a prayer walk through the makeshift town. On their way back, many of our students thanked us for the perspective-changing opportunity to bless those in extreme poverty.


Several other of our teams went to local churches and ministries to build roofs, love on the community and be a blessing!

If you don’t see any photos of your son or daughter, not to worry! We’re working hard to make sure everyone makes it into the blog. Check back again tomorrow for more photos, updates and ways to pray for us.