Greetings from Ensenada, Mexico!

Today was our first full day “South of the Border” and we’re already blown away by the amazing ways God is using us. After breakfast, we started our morning by splitting up into small groups and practiced sharing God’s stories and our personal testimonies. Soon after, we headed out to visit Pastor Jaime, Durango and Mirella churches.IMG_2914

We are so proud of our team! Over 12 of our students courageously shared their testimonies in front of three different churches around Ensenada. It’s truly a blessing to see how God can use each of our personal walks to impact and encourage other believers from a different nation! While some of our students performed some powerful skits, others on our team stepped in and helped to lead worship alongside our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters in Christ. Pastor Chad and Rachel were also blessed with a special time of prayer and blessing over their coming second child — local women from the service laid hands on them and anointed Rachel with oil!20170319_122018

We ended our Sunday services by gathering around the local church body and spending some time exchanging words of encouragement and prayer! How cool is that that despite barriers of language and culture, we are united in our mutual love for Christ! We are so pumped to see what else God has in store for us this week.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Please continue to join us in prayer as we start our first full day of ministry tomorrow — with teams starting house builds, speciality construction projects and Vacation Bible School!