Jr High (JHM)

Saturday night 6pm

(4pm for the first 3 weeks of December)

High School (HSM)

Sunday Morning 11:30am

The weekend is an important place for students to be as they develop their own lifetime rhythm of church involvement, and we want to provide a safe space for them to learn and grow! JHM meets on Saturday nights at 6pm for a time just for them, where they can play games, listen to a teaching, and make friends. HSM meets Sunday mornings at 11:30am for a service similar to an adult worship service but still unique to them. Students will worship and learn from the Word together while having discussion to make it applicable.

Tuesday 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday nights are THE place to be for high school and junior high students!! The night is built around a powerful, timely teaching on the Bible so that students can leave challenged, encouraged, or called to action. The rest of the night changes week to week but is always designed to support that emphasis: with worship and prayer experiences preparing the students’ hearts or icebreakers and games keeping students engaged. And there is so much more!

True discipleship happens in small groups – Jesus Himself modeled that! That’s why we value our small groups so much: it provides a place for a group of students to talk about their faith and life with a caring, adult leader to guide them.

JHM Small Groups – 7:30-8pm

Junior high small groups happen immediately after the Tuesday night program from 7:30pm to 8pm so that students can break it down and apply it in their lives. The time is broken up into a time of fellowship, laughing and talking with one another, and a time of discipleship, discussing what was learned. This is the time where the Word truly starts to impact lives as they come together in community.

HSM Small Groups – 6-6:30pm

High school small groups take place before the Tuesday night program from 6pm to 6:30pm in order to prompt ideas and thoughts about a topic before they see it addressed in scripture. We also encourage these groups to meet creatively, maybe at a park or coffee shop or during an activity. Doing life together, alongside faith conversations, is a powerful way to build community and lasting friendships.