21 Days of Prayer

With the start of a new school year, life gets so busy and so hectic that we lose focus on the truly important things. Kids are heading back to school, vacation season is coming to an end, and frankly, life is crazy enough as it is without trying to reestablish a consistent schedule after the summer.

So what can we do? How can we stay focused? Well in August we’re going to spend 3 weeks with an emphasis on prayer. Prayer is important. Scripture tells us that it’s an essential part of the Christian walk, and a primary way that we communicate with God, it’s also one of our core values here at the church. So for 21 days, we’re going to pray together.

Each day we’ll send out a prompt via social media, our text platform, and here on our website so that as a church we can be unified in prayer for a full 21 days. We’ll pray for the lost to be found in the name of Jesus, we’ll pray for our kids and for our schools, we’ll pray for each other, and we’ll pray for ourselves that God would continue to grow us further in our journey’s of discipleship.