Greetings to our beloved Pastors!

Vasile told me the first day we got here that the 3rd day of teaching would be the hardest. I’m pretty sure he is right! I woke up this morning hurting all over from my Taekwon-do class that I quit today. I am content to be able to say that I’ve had two classes from world class taekwon-do instructors.

I am assisting in the morning with a class of 9 and 10 year olds. They are so smart! And eager! My job is to say the vocabulary words and read to them a short story in English. They want the students to hear the English word without an accent. Their Moldovan teachers then teach the lessons explaining in Romanian and then teaching the English lessons. They are really excelling.

In the afternoon, Steve and I are team teaching a Bible study called Being A Disciple: Counting the Real Cost. The first day was a disaster. There was so much warfare, I thought. We didn’t get the material until we walked into the class and it was time for it to begin. Then it started to pour down rain (we meet in an outdoor gazebo) and our interpreter left to take down some laundry she had left outside and she never came back. The kids were unresponsive. And we couldn’t tell if it was because they didn’t understand or they were exhausted or bored or just disrespectful. Without the interpreter we had no clue. Then day 2, Vasile took us off campus in the afternoon to show us the mission school. So we missed our class yesterday. Another man filled in for us and our interpreter who was there told us last night that it was worse than the first day. So Steve and I begged God to make a change. We came from the other side of the earth for this reason. I want to see these kids see Truth for themselves and want to follow Jesus.

We just got back from the class overjoyed and filled with thankfulness to God! I cried out to God as we opened the class, praying aloud with them for a breakthrough—that they would be able to understand the Scriptures that we would read and to be able to read it in English, interpret in their minds to Romanian, then formulate an answer, translate the answer to English and have the boldness to share it out loud. And God came through!!

They were engaged! They were understanding. They were thinking. They asked me hard questions. It is difficult passages we go through in this study. Passages where Jesus tells the crowd to count the cost; that they’ll have to hate their father and mother and brother and sister, that He didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword, etc.; passages most Christians have probably not really wrestled with and reasoned through. And we ended with them wanting more! One young man named Tudor whispered to Steve, “I love this! It’s like a puzzle!”

Please keep praying for this class specifically. There are three kids from Italy in it—two sisters and a brother. None are saved. Their names are Naomi, Stephanie and David. Also a girl with questions named Diana. There are 17 kids in the class. We are told only 4 come from a Christian home. One boy is from Russia. Pray for a harvest of souls in the days to come.

We have so many more stories! I’ll try to get Steve and Natalie to write next.

Thank you! We love you!

Kristi for the team