Hello, my name is Chris and I’m one of the leaders in Mexico this week and Its been such an honor being able to hang out and getting to know your kids this week. Yesterday we finished our house builds, projects, and said goodbye to the families. I was at one of the house builds and it was such a humbling experience being able to bless the family with so many things that we all take for granted. After we finished building the house we got to pass around the keys and just say anything that was on our heart. I’m just so proud of what all of your kids have accomplished this week and just seeing them all come out of their bubbles. 

Another thing that the students where challenged with was telling their testimonies. In the beginning of the week it was very hard to get them to volunteer to share their testimonies but, last night so many kids shared and they all did such an outstanding job. 

Finally, last night we had a very serious talk about suicide and it brought up a lot of wounds and I’m just so sorry that your kids are going through any of this. But with the wounds comes healing and God healed so many of your kids last night. Then kids started praying for each other and just so many new friendships where built last night. This has been such a beautiful week in Mexico and yesterday was a very powerful day and just so many accomplishments where made from so many different students. As the week comes to an end I would encourage you guys to keep praying for your kids to stay strong in the last couple days.