People, Prayer, and a Personal God

God is drawing the masses in to hear the good news in Spain. Each night we see hundreds of people come to our festivals and dozens of people respond to the gospel presentation of Dr. Manny Fernandez. But God is also providing wonderful opportunities to connect with people on a personal level. Read below about an encounter our teammate Julie had in her own words:

Today I was able to meet a sweet older lady named Laura. I walked over to her after the festival ended and said “Hola!”. She returned my smile and started speaking in Spanish. Even though I couldn’t understand her, she shared later with our interpreter Fernando, that she felt connected with me even though we did not speak the same language.

She shared with Fernando and I that she believes in God but does not pray to Him, but instead prays to Mary. When questioned about why she does not pray to God, she stated that He does not love her and that she does not feel worthy. After explaining how God loves her very much, that He gave His son Jesus to wash her sins white as snow, and how God tore the veil in the temple symbolizing our direct access to God, she made a deal with us.

She said that she would pray to God that night (she already has a list going) and that if He answers she will continue to pray to Him. If not then she will go back to praying to Mary. Back at our hotel our team prayed for Laura and asked God to reveal Himself to her in a mighty way. Please join us in praying for Laura and many others who have accepted Christ. Thank you all for your generosity that has allowed us to travel to Spain and share the good news of the gospel!