It’s the end of day three here in Ensenada and we’re sad to see this missions trip flying by!

Last night, the YWAM team put on a powerful crucifixion drama and we spent the evening in worship and prayer for one another. We’ve been seeing some amazing breakthroughs in the lives of our students. Please continue to pray with us that God would continue to work in our hearts and lives throughout the trip!

We started our morning off with a powerful time of prayer for one another. We took time to pray and write down words of encouragement for each other regarding who God says we are: loved, fearless, beautifully made, justified, etc. Each person picked one word that was given to them and wore a name tag with it all day. Check out out the photos below and be sure to ask your son or daughter about what word they chose and why!

One of our teams spent the last two days out at a men’s rehab center painting rooms, building additional bedrooms and creating a water reservoir and pump so the men can take showers in the house. As you can probably guess, the crew is having a blast and getting a ton of work done. They will be there again tomorrow to put the finishing touches on their work and bless the men.


Heavy rains earlier this year wrecked havoc on Pastor Hector’s church building… the roof was leaking and much of the drywall was rotting. Another team from Shelter Cove spent the last two days completely overhauling the church Sunday school classrooms. After tearing out all the old drywall and fixing some of the walls, the team re-shingled the roof and repainted the sanctuary!


Today, two of our teams finished building homes for both the Luna Rojas family and the Ramirez Martinez family. Both families were overjoyed and SO very thankful for their new homes. After looking at the weather forecast, we realized that its going to rain tonight! How cool that we were able to bless these two families with safe, warm homes just in time.

Praise report! The Luna Rojas family made decisions to accept Jesus Christ. Please pray with us that they continue to grow in their new relationship with the Lord and become a light in their community!





Our last team spent the day working at Pastor Mirella’s church pulling weeds, running a Vacation Bible School with children from the community and praying for the pastor. Pastor Mirella welcomed us with a fantastic home cooked Mexican lunch!


Check back tomorrow for another update! Blessings!