It’s Wednesday and our trip is quickly coming to a close! Our students are doing a fantastic job serving and giving it their all despite the long days. Last night following group session with Bjorn, we had a time of prayer and worship and the YWAM team set up a wall for us to paint our prayers and dreams on. Please continue to pray with us that God would give us the energy to finish our trip strong!

We started this morning with a time of personal devotions and another awesome breakfast. Before we headed out to ministry, the YWAM team lead us in a short activity that encouraged us to overcome our fears. We took time to share things that we were afraid of and symbolically made decisions to overcome those fears by completing trust falls in our ministry groups!

Today we sent out a team to Pastor Niño’s Soup Kitchen. It was raining today so not many children came for lunch, but we were able to serve by pulling weeds around the property and by building and painting benches for the children! God continues to grow Pastor Niño’s ministry and it’s a blessing to work alongside Pastor Niño for the past 8 years.

Another group spent the day at the Durango Children at Risk ministry. Last year we installed a new septic system and this year we began working building a new bathroom and shower for the kids to use. It’s awesome to see our projects being completed! While some worked on the bathroom, others on the team hosted a Vacation Bible School for the children.

One of our teams spent the day at a Children’s Rehabilitation Center. After a time of testimonies and arts and crafts, the Shelter Cove group enjoyed a meal with the children.

Over at Pastor Jaime’s Church, one of our teams put the finishing touches on the ceiling of the sanctuary and continued to minister to the local children through lots of games and arts and crafts. Tomorrow, more of our team will be heading out to the neighborhood to do a large VBS outreach. Pray with us that we have nice weather tomorrow so that lots of children will come to the neighborhood event!

Our team at a men’s rehab center finished painting rooms, built additional bedrooms and a water reservoir and pump so the house has running water! The men can finally flush the toilet in the house and they are so thankful!

IMG_2941Tonight the tacos are coming to us! We have two guys from the local taco stand here on base to make a delicious and well deserved dinner!