As you grow in your walk with the Lord, part of your spiritual maturation is in discipleship, the process of coming alongside someone to intentionally, consistently pour into their walk with Jesus. The goal: that those you disciple would grow and mature as authentic followers of Christ who then go on to disciple others in their life.  

Maybe your ONE has newly committed or recommitted their life to the Lord, or you see a fellow believer who is struggling in their faith. Maybe you have kids in your life who are learning about Jesus. Don’t let busyness or uncertainty stand in the way of pouring into their life! Jesus’ example of discipleship is seen throughout the New Testament, and the call for us to follow it is clear. 

Today, pray about your heart towards discipleship, for willingness to intentionally, consistently pour into the person God leads you to. And then pray that He would help you remain attentive and obedient to His Word as you go about your journey of discipleship.