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The sky, once blue and clear, was now a tapestry of gray, the sun hidden behind ominous clouds as if in mourning. The crowd followed, their jeers and taunts creating a symphony of scorn and mockery. Jesus, battered and bruised, bore the heavy cross on his shoulders, each step a testament to his strength and resolve. His body screamed in protest, the weight of the cross and the burden of the world heavy on his shoulders, but he trudged on, his gaze fixed on the hill of Golgotha – the place of his impending doom.

His disciples watched from a distance, their hearts filled with grief and despair. Tears streamed down their faces, their sobs drowned in the cacophony of the crowd. They watched as Jesus, their leader, their friend, was nailed to the cross, each strike of the hammer echoing in the deafening silence.

As Jesus hung on the cross, his body wracked with pain, he looked out at the sea of faces. Some were filled with hatred and scorn, others with sorrow and regret. Among them, he spotted his mother, Mary, her face pale and tear-streaked, her eyes filled with unspeakable agony. With what little strength he had left, he spoke to her, his voice weak but clear, “Woman, behold your son,” he said, gesturing towards John, “and to the disciple, behold your mother.” His last act was one of love, ensuring the care of his mother even in his final moments.

After what felt like an eternity, Jesus drew his last breath, his body sagging on the cross. His final words, “It is finished,” resonated in the eerie silence, a declaration of the completion of his mission. The earth shook, the heavens wept, and the curtain of the temple was torn in two. His spirit ascended, leaving behind a body marked by sacrifice and a world forever changed.


Reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus, considering the immense sacrifice and love demonstrated in this event. How does understanding the depth of Jesus’ sacrifice influence your perspective on love, faith, and forgiveness?

Kids Reflect

Why do you think Jesus was so brave even when he was in so much pain, and how can we try to be brave like him when we are scared or hurting?