God’s grace allows us to grow closer to Him as we both give and receive grace in various ways. Grace isn’t earned, but is freely given and it is by God’s grace we are saved and have hope of eternity. 

When we study the example of Jesus, we see times where He gave grace even as those closest to Him hurt Him. Reflecting Jesus’ example of grace is so hard! And insomuch as giving grace to someone who has wronged us is difficult, we also grow in God’s grace by calling upon His name to help us extend it to others. 

Today’s purpose in prayer is twofold. First, spend some time thanking God for the indescribable gift of His grace in your life, in the many ways He gives it. Then, pray about how you can show grace to those in your life who need it most, even if they’re the ones you least want to give it to. Ask God to help you in this necessary part of growing in relationship with Him and with others, and grow in your understanding of grace as you do.