Our mission at Shelter Cove is to reach and raise authentic followers of Jesus, and the heart of our ministry is that every lost man, woman, and child would come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We relentlessly seek the lost to show them the love of Jesus because we know that it is for them that He came to die.

Would you join us in lifting up the ministry God has given Shelter Cove? We pray for God to continue in His guidance and wisdom in our work. We pray for each person who walks through our doors to feel loved. We pray for unity and strengthening among our church family. We pray for His provision as He continues to faithfully direct our steps. We pray expectantly knowing that when we pray big prayers God does big things.

Thanks for praying with us in these coming weeks! If you have a prayer request you can text us at 209.391.2001, or drop a digital prayer card through our website. We’re here to pray with you.