One of the most encouraging things a pastor can hear is that someone is praying for them. Not only are they preparing sermons each week, pastors also balance home life with their families with the various other needs that come with caring for a congregation. So much of their lives is spent pouring into others, so this is a chance for us to pour into their lives through our prayers for protection, endurance, wisdom, clarity, godly decision-making, boldness in truth, and joy in their calling. Knowing that their congregation is praying for protection and blessings over them can be life-giving encouragement to them!


While we pray intentionally for them today, the reality is that pastors and their families need our prayers on the daily. It is a special calling that God has placed on their lives, and keeping them covered in prayer is a privilege for us! Let’s pray a blanket of protection over them as they seek God’s wisdom and guidance in leading their congregation.